Sunday, 13 April 2014

Day 39 and 40 | The Fave Outfit and The Titfer!

Good evening. Here finally are the last snaps of my 40 day challenge. I have worn the dress 40 days straight - with one day in my jamas - but it was popped on to go up the road for some supplies. I haven't actually worn it today to be really honest.

I fashioned into a hat - that makes me look like Eliza Dolittle - before Professor Higgins gets hold of her. Even I wouldn't put the boys through that embarrassment. Me?! I don't give a fig.

I rather like the hat - but it is pretty precarious and doesn't hold up to close scutiny.

So here for completeness sake is the reprise of my fave outfit. Astute among you will spot it is the same pic as the original day - because I completely forgot to take a photo. In fact the outfit was worn with black and red fishnets and brogues - but the bobbles and lippy etc were all in place!

The rest of the shots are of today's hat!

I've had a ball with my little black dress. I didn't get around to practicing with my proper camera - and I really should have got it together to raise some cash for some local charity - and put some effort into promoting it a bit more. But in the end - it was a whim - for me and now it's done. I'm happy I saw it through.

I'll post again with a little reflection on wearing the same dress for over a month.

I am grateful to be in a tee shirt and jeans and my lovely Biba jacket today.

Oh and I made brownies with sweet potatoes - and they aren't half bad... You'll notice the hair is exactly the same as ever.

My hairdresser's little boy was ill - so I will have to wait for the big chop until the end of the month - she's now on holiday for couple of weeks!

Next time you see me - there'll be way less hair!

Time for supper and then the slow slide into Sunday evening - I'm in the middle of a brilliant book. Queen of Dreams - Chitra Divakaruni. A charity shop score for a quid. I love my kindle - but cuddling up with a book will never EVER get old.

Back to juicing for another five days tomorrow. Which is just as well after the burger and chips incident yesterday lunch time!

Thanks for reading... Sorry it's a faff to leave a message if you are not a google/blogger subscriber.

luli x

Friday, 11 April 2014

Day 38 | Blue About My Non New Do

Here's me in Spring like short sleeves. It's glorious outside & I'm wearing a beautiful, soft grey tee. I'm not taking any chances - I'm also sporting grey tights, blue DMs & my new op shop scarf...

N'er cast a clout 'til May is out. 

Or as we say in our house - 'it's not as hot as you think - so take your cardy.'

I'm in the 'still unfinished' office next to Andrew's 'Work Ethics Poster.' He announced that he had work ethics. Sit down. Shut up. Do it!  So I made him a poster & now it's my motto too.

More rediscovered tat, bling wise. This is a wooden painted ring! 

My hairdresser cancelled. I'm gutted. Finally made the decision to chop it off & change colour & psyched myself up into a frenzy of happy change - got there to find they'd been frantically trying to call me. Bloody flat battery! 

So the old Barnet will be dragged into a very unflattering pony for another couple of weeks! Oh very yes. Charlie is on holiday until the 24th. 

Arse! Watching Sheldon to cheer up. It's bakery Thursday on a Friday today & as usual I am juicing. End of second week. 

Yay me... 

Fave outfit of the project tomorrow. Then the final day... Maybe a Hat!

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Day 37 | I heart my LBD


Back in red today. Couldn't find my plastic fantastic, red, heart ring or my Disney necklace so the outfit isn't totally complete - but some days  - good enough needs to be good enough. 

Day 4 - Week two of the big spring detox & I confess to a narna & some grapes. I don't think it's cheating - I narrowly avoided absent mindedly sticking a finger full of pâté in my mush this afternoon. 

I reckon I add @500 cals a day with unconscious nibbling & tasting. One for the pot & one for the cook. Oops...

I met the most adorable pooch yesterday he looked like a real live teddy! 

Extras today are brought to you by Anonymous Tat inc. a copper coloured, plastic rose ring & a big, red, enamelled heart. 

I managed to send my niece's present late & forgot she's 3, so it's too big. Poor little dab isn't well so she's already grumpy - then her ninny of an aunt doesn't send her present on time & when it does arrive it'll be too big!

On the up side - I got it together to include an 'on-time' birthday gift for sis & popped in a silly chicken ornament for littlee!

I've written a birthday story for her too. So I hope that makes amends...

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Day 36 | Britchic in Bath

What a glorious day! The sun was out all Day and there is no better place to be on a perfect spring day than in Bath. 

I have had a lovely day - drinking peppermint tea by the roaring water, watching gulls playing in the thermals; steaming in quiet, stoic contemplation & giggling with my Bristol bestie in the perfect rooftop ~ pool that overlooks the buttery bath stone architecture; meeting a real teddy bear! 

I have juiced all day too & now I'm cuddled up in my new charity shop shawl with a cup of hot coconut milk & vanilla. You get a better class of cast off in Bath...

So the pics were taken at home - I forgot to ask my pal for a shot in the sun outside the Thermae Baths.

And yes. That is my new scarf! 

I'm wearing the dress over a fine knit 3/4 sleeve tee with my blue DMs & lovely chic navy jacket.

The good news is my 3/4 trews now look comfortable enough without wearing a tunic (or dress) to my knees. 

Juice rocks! 

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Day 35 | Blue Skies & Old Faithful

Today I have mostly been nose deep in paperwork - but I did have a lovely walk across the park for peppermint tea and some supplies. I stopped off on the way back and sat in the sun - it was lovely. I'm hoping that the weather really is going to pick up as promised. We all need some sunshine to feel bouncy!

Yesterday was a complete flumpy day - so with a bit of sunshine and a suitcase full of old favourites I've gone for a turquoise and purple combination which pleases me.

I've also repurposed a pashmina that is normally used as a throw over a nasty piece of Ikea furniture. I've never really liked the pastelly vibe of it - but some times a bit of pastel, paisley is what the day calls for.

I didn't trot out in purple, suede, platforms - I wanted to yomp across the grass.

Clever layering makes this cosy - I've got a long sleeved vest on under a purple, whistles tee!

My hair looks a fright - it's lovely hair day on Friday. I'm going for the chop!

Monday, 7 April 2014

Day 34| Stuck Indoors. Green Day

Thai fishos and bed socks ... that is all!

I am juicing all week - again. It's cold & wet. I've made a vague effort to channel a beautiful raw vegan hippy vibe.

I think this might make another entry in the mean girl's 'Don't Wear This' board. FYI mean girl - bed socks rock at any time of day - so nyarg boo to you. 

I am trying out Siri on my iPhone to see if I can dictate this without sounding like I don't speak the language for coming out like gobbledygook. 

Not bad for first girlie any trouble is I have to speak so clearly and annunciate so pronouncedly that its freaking me out so I can't actually think of anything in any kind of proper order

What's get the hang of this and can speak a bit more naturally into the microphone I think it might be a good way to post the only problem I have at the moment as I can't Conniff compose and speak and think altogether so by the time I figured out what I want Sam I just as well type it because that goes at the speed my brain works that makes sense anyway that's me signing out today and I'll practice a little bit more with using Siri to post.

Yoiks - you'd need to edit a lot - but for dictating notes for transcription - this tech is awesome.
Yeah - you read that right!

I've left the gobbledeegook as it is. 

Time for my 4th über green juice. 

The dress is clean, the fishos are green & bought in Thailand & I only wear them when Podge is away - he loathes them!

Can't see why - they are practical. I thought boys liked practical?! 


Sunday, 6 April 2014

Day 33 | I Wanna See The Sunshine After The Rain...

I wanna see bluebirds flying over that mountain again... doo bee doo.. Me and iPodge are having a singalong this afternoon with his guitar. In fact he's doing an acoustic version of Dancing in the Dark - which is lovely. While I put away the shopping and take yet more pictures of myself - in the same set of poses - because despite watching EVERY single AMNTM - I am not a natural born modelle!

So with wonky bobbles and exactly the same tights*/shoe combo as yesterday - because I loiked it! BITE ME... here is Day 33 - of this Lent Challenge.

*fresh tights - natch. I do have some standards...

In fact because all of these elements have featured before I won't put myself through the tedium of re:listing them - and just shove up the pics...

Yellow Cardie, purple silk scarf, grey tights, green shoes. When you put it like that all in one place - it's a bit of a jumble!