Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Day 29 | Dress and Blankie Combo

Hello! I'm rushing through again today - because although I have pulled the LBD over my head - I am still feeling a bit miz and so I still have half  of me jammas on! If it wasn't for the LBD Challenge I'd still be in full nightgear hopping about in a sleeping bag.

I'm still doggedly sticking with The Big Spring Juice Thing - today is Berry Banana Crunch Day - which means narnas and berries all smushed up with soy milk and juiced apples with added ground seeds and whatnot. Delicious and blissfully cold for my sore throat. (My berries are frozen).

I'm half way through and can report that the caffeine headache and sugar withdrawal symptoms have abated. Which leaves me with a common cold. So I'm feeling better - doubly busy now all the things I didn't manage yesterday are coming home to roost today. Pah!

For form sake then...

The Dress: Yes I am wearing it - you can just see the bodice. Conventional way round.

The Rest: Black jumper - Sussan. Black Long Cardi - Harrods. Big wool, silk pashmina - brown - from the mummyone. Jarma Bottoms - Gap? . Betty's ring. Large Cuddle Blankie - worn as a wrap/skirt for warmth. Sort of no colour in particular. TK Maxx.

The Shoes: Doovette Booties - Ikea

The 'Juice': 1 large narna, two handfuls of frozen mixed berries. 2x apples juiced. 2 cups of soy milk. 2 tablespoons of mix ground seeds. (hemp, pumpkin, flax & sunflower). Whizz in the blender.

Tommorrow I will have to get dressed because I need more supplies and I'm going to see 20 Feet From Fame with Bristol Bestie.

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