Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Day 35 | Blue Skies & Old Faithful

Today I have mostly been nose deep in paperwork - but I did have a lovely walk across the park for peppermint tea and some supplies. I stopped off on the way back and sat in the sun - it was lovely. I'm hoping that the weather really is going to pick up as promised. We all need some sunshine to feel bouncy!

Yesterday was a complete flumpy day - so with a bit of sunshine and a suitcase full of old favourites I've gone for a turquoise and purple combination which pleases me.

I've also repurposed a pashmina that is normally used as a throw over a nasty piece of Ikea furniture. I've never really liked the pastelly vibe of it - but some times a bit of pastel, paisley is what the day calls for.

I didn't trot out in purple, suede, platforms - I wanted to yomp across the grass.

Clever layering makes this cosy - I've got a long sleeved vest on under a purple, whistles tee!

My hair looks a fright - it's lovely hair day on Friday. I'm going for the chop!

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