Thursday, 10 April 2014

Day 37 | I heart my LBD


Back in red today. Couldn't find my plastic fantastic, red, heart ring or my Disney necklace so the outfit isn't totally complete - but some days  - good enough needs to be good enough. 

Day 4 - Week two of the big spring detox & I confess to a narna & some grapes. I don't think it's cheating - I narrowly avoided absent mindedly sticking a finger full of pâté in my mush this afternoon. 

I reckon I add @500 cals a day with unconscious nibbling & tasting. One for the pot & one for the cook. Oops...

I met the most adorable pooch yesterday he looked like a real live teddy! 

Extras today are brought to you by Anonymous Tat inc. a copper coloured, plastic rose ring & a big, red, enamelled heart. 

I managed to send my niece's present late & forgot she's 3, so it's too big. Poor little dab isn't well so she's already grumpy - then her ninny of an aunt doesn't send her present on time & when it does arrive it'll be too big!

On the up side - I got it together to include an 'on-time' birthday gift for sis & popped in a silly chicken ornament for littlee!

I've written a birthday story for her too. So I hope that makes amends...

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