Monday, 7 April 2014

Day 34| Stuck Indoors. Green Day

Thai fishos and bed socks ... that is all!

I am juicing all week - again. It's cold & wet. I've made a vague effort to channel a beautiful raw vegan hippy vibe.

I think this might make another entry in the mean girl's 'Don't Wear This' board. FYI mean girl - bed socks rock at any time of day - so nyarg boo to you. 

I am trying out Siri on my iPhone to see if I can dictate this without sounding like I don't speak the language for coming out like gobbledygook. 

Not bad for first girlie any trouble is I have to speak so clearly and annunciate so pronouncedly that its freaking me out so I can't actually think of anything in any kind of proper order

What's get the hang of this and can speak a bit more naturally into the microphone I think it might be a good way to post the only problem I have at the moment as I can't Conniff compose and speak and think altogether so by the time I figured out what I want Sam I just as well type it because that goes at the speed my brain works that makes sense anyway that's me signing out today and I'll practice a little bit more with using Siri to post.

Yoiks - you'd need to edit a lot - but for dictating notes for transcription - this tech is awesome.
Yeah - you read that right!

I've left the gobbledeegook as it is. 

Time for my 4th ├╝ber green juice. 

The dress is clean, the fishos are green & bought in Thailand & I only wear them when Podge is away - he loathes them!

Can't see why - they are practical. I thought boys liked practical?! 


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