Friday, 11 April 2014

Day 38 | Blue About My Non New Do

Here's me in Spring like short sleeves. It's glorious outside & I'm wearing a beautiful, soft grey tee. I'm not taking any chances - I'm also sporting grey tights, blue DMs & my new op shop scarf...

N'er cast a clout 'til May is out. 

Or as we say in our house - 'it's not as hot as you think - so take your cardy.'

I'm in the 'still unfinished' office next to Andrew's 'Work Ethics Poster.' He announced that he had work ethics. Sit down. Shut up. Do it!  So I made him a poster & now it's my motto too.

More rediscovered tat, bling wise. This is a wooden painted ring! 

My hairdresser cancelled. I'm gutted. Finally made the decision to chop it off & change colour & psyched myself up into a frenzy of happy change - got there to find they'd been frantically trying to call me. Bloody flat battery! 

So the old Barnet will be dragged into a very unflattering pony for another couple of weeks! Oh very yes. Charlie is on holiday until the 24th. 

Arse! Watching Sheldon to cheer up. It's bakery Thursday on a Friday today & as usual I am juicing. End of second week. 

Yay me... 

Fave outfit of the project tomorrow. Then the final day... Maybe a Hat!

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