Monday, 31 March 2014

Day 27 | Purple Poesy

Oooh Dear! I know a few pals who will be wincing with the wrinklage. I care not a jot for your irons and your judgement. I've been home alone all day - and the sun went back in AGAIN! So It's jumpers ahoy and pin the rose on the donkey for fun.

Yes that is a loo roll you can see in the bevel of the mirror - the door is a little bing-bangy so we jam it shut with an empty bog roll... What?

Today I began The Big Juice Spring Clean - 5 days of juice only. I follow Jason Vale's plan. I've got the app and a map but I don't tune into all the coaching videos these days. It's all the same and he does them every season. I'll be doing mine for 7 days - and I'm expecting a bit of a caffeine withdrawal 'heed' in the next day or two.

Time to just tough it out. Although I confess I've had a fairly illegal (in juice terms) cup of soy milk & water with hemp oil. It's miserable and I was cold. Plus - rules schmules. My juice feast - my way.

In my defence your honour I didn't have juice number 3 at 4pm. Heading for final supper juice @ 7pm - and I'll be cooking iPodge lamb burgers, new potatoes and greens. I am officially a SAINT!

The Dress: Worn inside out - which is why you can see all the creases. Hey hO!

The Rest: Dark purple cardigan with little buttons on the sleeves - M&S? Lovely mauvey grey corsarge. Dunno but I'm guessing either Debnems or Accessorize. Black jumper worn underneath as a vest. Sussan. (N.Z./Australiarrr). Black tights. Acid green knuckle duster. Betty's Ring.

The Shoes: Red or Dead Booties - Green Suede and thick rubber soles. I very heart these.

The Eyewear: Prada, purple.

The Doo: Washed and loose for once.

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Day 26 | Biker Boots and Posh Bag

Hello and Happy Mammie's Day to my beautiful mamma. She She. We had skypey doo dah chat this morning and talked about the usual mix of nothing and everything the way you do - when it's your mamma and you are still in your jammies!

So we toddled off to the Mall for a Full English and then bought up the veggie aisles of Diddle Dee Dee. I am all set for a week of juicing and double duty exercise. It's time to shake off the blues of last week and step into Spring.  Hooray for Day Light Savings and lighter evenings.  Hooray for a sunnier day. We had coffee outside one of our local caffs this afternoon.

The Dress: Worn conventionally - it wasn't quite warm enough to go without a jumper!

The Rest: Simple approach today - I wanted to wear orange felted scarf and orange sandals but it wasn't quite sunny enough. So worn with wonderful silk, wool - fine knit from FWM. Betty's ring and M&S tights. The main colour today came with my gorgeous red, tan, orange and beige concertina bag - from Venice! It has a big toggle and metal beads which bang and clack like one of those clacker toys we had in the 70s that were banned in the playground. I did have my red mac, orange fingerless mittens and a multicoloured scarf with orange in it - but by the time we got to the Mall - I'd discarded all of them - it was just too warm.

The Shoes: Ancient pretendy biker boots, bought in a shop on Park Street with the first pay check I received in Bristol. Which makes them sound exxy - they weren't - £10.00 in the sale. They don't owe me nuttin' by now.

The Doo: Scraped back - I tried a couple of different ways - but it just wasn't working for me today.

The Score: I bought some new mascara and a fancy new eyeshadow pencil in Boots and scored a cute box with lots of goodies in. To be honest I'm happiest about the box. I'd take a pic - but supper is almost ready. Maybe later...

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Day 25 | Jeans Day!

Flagging a little today - so I decided to wear my dress as a scarf and wear jeans. Works a treat and no-one would know! The thing I like about this little challenge is that it really does give me permission to muck about and try things out.

So I am much pleased with the scarf idea - and it proves how versatile this little charity shop - Gap dress really is. The cotton is so fine that it works as a scarf without being bulky.

The sun has been out all day here in the S.W. and the doors in the house are open wide. The bulbs that were salvaged from the shed have taken and things are growing in pots. Real plants - and EVERYTHING.

The Dress: Worn as a very chic scarf.

The Rest: V neck tee, Warehouse. Odd rock and roll twisted, grey marl top - I think it's All Saints. Trusty heavily elastene jeans. Acid green knuckle duster. Red mac - Next (ebay - bargain), Grey wool beret. M&S.

Shoes: Dr Marten Navy Blue boots.

Eyewear: Green Sunglasses Gianfranco Ferre as before.

Unidentified Glorious Things at the entrance to the Ardargh Centre.

Friday, 28 March 2014

Day 24 | Back to Black

Still freezing in the S.W. - so I'm back in practical black - this time my trusty full length, ancient but wonderful 'is it a dress or is it a cardi'? It's well fancy too - from Harrods - Way In. I really have had this for ever. I remember at the time it was the most expensive item of clothing I had ever bought. Quality... turns out it really does pay to invest.

The Dress: Worn conventionally over yet more thermal vestage: I have a whole wardrobe of long sleeved vests! Layers are the key.

The Rest: Beautiful full length knitted cardigan. Harrods. Black thermal tights - M&S natch. Yellow and black silk scarf.

The Shoes: Screamingly high heeled black boots leather and elastic. They're way cooler than you can
see in the pic.

The Eyewear: Black and White Boots - as before.

The Doo: Bouffy. The purple has completely gone.

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Day 23 | Pretty in Pink

The Dress | Worn conventionally over a thermal vest! Noice...

The Rest | Pink Cardy - Primarni, pink silly scarf - chariddy shop. Plastic Fantastic rose bracelet, pink knuckle dusters. Pink Socks. 

The Shoes | I'm indoors so I'm wearing a pair of gingham duvet booties

- Ikea. Absolutely THE BEST things ever! Toasty warm and stylish no? 

I've included a selection of optional footwear which would look darling with my pink sockies. So there Mean Girl. 

In fact I'm just off out to buy bakery Thursday for the chaps. It's a bit cold so this lot will be topped off with a big coat and stompy boots.

The Doo | Pobbles Bobbles - hastily wound so I'm afeared for 'em. Adorned with a cocktail umbrella. 

The Eyewear | Purple Prada 

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Day 22 | Purple Kniption

laptop Larry is indisposed - so here is a super quick, super late entry. I'm barely avoiding a brace of Rock Cakes - but I can hear their siren call.

Eat us. Luli. We'll go hard & stale if you don't...

The pics are impressions of today's ensemble. I left it too late to take snaps in daylight so you can't see the waterfall, jersey cardy. I stomped around in big black  pots today - to match my big black mood. Grumpy Old Haridan covers it. ' Nuff said.

The Dress: miraculously still fits despite weeks of scoffing.

The  Rest: purple waterfall cardy - M&S, maroon tights, maroon, silk scarf.

The Shoes: Gerry Weber boots

The Doo: Severe, scraped back ponytail. Horrid.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Day 21 | Parrot Day

After yesterday's 'brownies fail' day. I thought I'd go for a more jolly combo today. So I've dug out my parrot tee and accessorised by picking out every colour in the bird! I only wish I had teal shoes to finish this whole thing off in style.

That's a point - WHY haven't I got a pair of teal shoes? 

The bobbles are on the wonk - and really they should be rewound - but I was up late this morning and I've got a couple of reports to get done so while I'm home alone behind my desk - I'll struggle on with my droopy doo. I will have to rethink before I pop out to the shops later.

In the meantime - I give you Crazy Colour Lady!

Today I am mostly concerned with Anastasia's awful new single from her upcoming Album - the first in five years. I'm not happy Jan. I've always wanted to look like Anastasia - mainly her abs and major leather fetish if I'm honest. Girl has a good set of pipes too - and I won't have a thing said against 'Left Outside Alone' but despite wanting to like her latest offering after her battles with illness and brave double masectomy - I just don't - it's awful -there. Bite me!

The Dress: Inside out - so sorry for the ironing ones - it really is quite crumpled and could do with a few
minutes with the pressing machine. Not gonna happen! Bazinga...

The Rest: Brightly coloured parrot tee - chariddy shop, yellow 3/4 sleeve cardigan - oasis, purple tights, M&S, acid green knuckle duster, purple silk scarf with yellow tag.

The Shoes: Multi stripe, United Nude.

The Doo: Wonky Bobbles with hair flowers orange and purple and some clips. To be re:done.

Eyewear: Blue Sunnies - Ted Baker (although these are a total affectation today - it's dull and cold)

Monday, 24 March 2014

Day 20 | Chickpea Brownies #fail

Hello! It's still blinking freezy here in the South West - and I am half way through my Little Black Dress Challenge. I have yet to fashion a hat or a tote bag from my dress - and today is not the day. Nope - today is comfort and warmth.

So I'm wrapped up in a beautiful wool, silk, paisley scarf sent to me for one of my birthdays by the glorious Mummy One. If I have some style - I think She She could claim at least some of the credit. I remember her in the 70s looking amazing - especially when she got all dolled up for fancy dinners - there was a special extra hair piece that would be styled at the hairdressers into impossible and wonderful up-dos.

I remember my mamma being glamorous and a bit of a style nazi when it came to my sister and I. We had great clothes - really lovely - but we were not allowed to be slaves to fashion. If it didn't look right on our little bodies then we were steered to something different. My mum was Gok Wanning us when GW was still a fat, weird kid looking at his shoes.

I remember I wanted a skinny ribbed jumper - BADLY - what I got was a lemon yellow jumper with little, short puff sleeves. Far better suited to my slightly tubby, puppy fat rolls. I wasn't happy - but somewhere in there were the lessons about wearing what suits, dressing for your shape and having fun with colour.

Today - is a brown day. Just is - I don't make the rules.

I made Chickpea Brownies yesterday - a total, unmitigated fail! Not helped by missing a crucial ingredient.Chocolate! I subbed in chocolate powder and then added all sorts of other stuff to get the consistency right. The entire batch are flat as pancakes and taste like the oat cake equivalent of cheese biscuits. WORTHY!

They are so flat that they can be sandwiched with raspberry jam and pnb without ending up too big to eat. So I've had one of these adapted flaties with a cup of tea. I can't say I'm looking forward to my next one...

In honour of the flaties and because it's freakin' chilly here. I'm wearing thermals, a long cardie and a shawl - with comfy, warm shoes. It's not the most glam outfit - but I'm warm! The heating is back on... sigh ... and sends a prayer of thanks for being able to afford it.

The Dress: Worn conventionally.

The Rest: Fine mesh, thermal vest, long line brown marl, edge to edge cardie - Phase 8 sale. Paisley scarf - from mamma, wooden bangles - various charridy shops, lovely, chunky, plastic pendant - present from old work colleague,  greige lacy tights - ancient - lace tights rock, they last for EVER.

The Shoes: Nike Yoga shoes. iPodge is both horrified and delighted that I posess a pair of shoes that are designed specifically to wear to yoga class. I do wear these to yoga in the summer - but in the winter they double as toasty house shoes.

The Eyewear: Not seen, but I'm wearing my 'other' reading glasses - brown to blue - Boots own. There's a twofer deal on again this season - might need to update my spectacle wardrobe for summer!

The Do: Woeful...

I've also dialed up the brightness too high - so I look like a weird ghost person. This isn't my fave outfit - it's just too cold to faff about. I promise I will wear the gorgeous tapestry coat, Clarks brogues and little brown handbag if I go outside. That way I'll look cool while I shiver x

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Day 19 | Sunday Brunch


We've spent a lovely afternoon at the wonderful Duchess of Totterdown cafe with two Bristol pals - the Glorious Listers. Scoffing Full English breakfasts and talking about nothing very much - we whiled away hours and hours in the most hospitable little eatery I've ever had the pleasure of dining in.

I knew I was going to like it - on spotting a fellow Bobbler - turns out she was the cook! So worried was Cookie that she'd over done our food - that we were treated to a round of her newest invention. Soda bread with apple and coriander - with butter - fresh from the oven.

In fact our food was perfectly cooked - but we scoffed down the delicious soda bread and all agreed that it would be perfect with a chunk of sharp cheddar and a cup of tea. We hung about so long - we scored a huge serving of Duchess Mess with four spoons! All in all a perfect way to spend a sunny/rainy Sunday.

Back home and I had a yen to bake chickpea brownies. I spotted the recipe a while ago - and someone else mentioned them - so I thought I'd give it a bash. Trouble is - my record with brownies is appauling and I don't have exactly the right ingredients. So I went right off plan. And I mean RIGHT OFF plan... Mistakenly added too much salt, then realised I didn't have any chocolate - so added 3 tablespoons of cocoa powder - doubled the coconut oil and the sugar and added another whole egg for good measure.

Then I went mad and added a cup of strong coffee - to make a more battery consistency - oh and some ground flax and pumpkin seed. Well in for a penny...

The raw mixture tasted lovely - but I've just taken it out of the oven to cool and a) It hasn't risen. b) It's stuck firm to the baking parchement. (If I'm honest I don't know which way round your supposed to put it, I may have put it in upside down) and c) The little bit I've just tasted - is - well - ODD...

So I've baked a whole tray of flat, odd tasting brownies made with chickpeas - this will be a bit of a tough sell! I'm thinking of sandwiching two together with jam. I think I may have to call them 'Flatties'...

I had threatened my friend that I was going to turn up with the dress worn on my head - but in fact I felt more like a ladylike outfit today - I even put on some make-up.

The Dress: Worn conventionally.

The Rest: Grey, soft Tee as before, grey marl, thermal tights - with proper bum shaping. Very comfy. Yellow 3/4 sleeve cardigan. Yellow & black silk scarf - present from a friend. Acid green knuckle duster Brilliant short, blue, jacket, Michael Kors, Kath Kidston bag.

The Shoes: Blue Dr Marten Boots

The Eyewear:  Green Sunnies - Gianfranco Ferre (fancy!)

The Doo: Pobble's Bobbles - The purple has pretty much washed out by now. It has made my hair very knotty and dry. So I'm not sure I can have it done every time - shame - I've loved it!

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Day 18 | Grandma Smurf

I woke up this morning and wondered who's daft idea it was to spend 40 days in the same blinking dress! No-one is forcing me to do this - I didn't even have the foresight to get people to sponsor me to do it as part of sports relief or Cancer Research.

Nope I am just pleasing my own sweet self - by wearing the same dress for over a month. It's also my decision to wear it differently every day - I could just sling on the same jumper for a couple of days on the trot - but no. Miss Fancy Pants Luli has to swan about in a different motley every day of the 40 days. 

It's day 18 - we're not even half way there - and this morning I felt a bit uninspired. So I decided to move off from purple and go with another of my 'go-to' colours. Turquoise Blue. 

Here I am in the Smurf Tights (as iPodge unimaginatively dubbed them - the first time he saw them). They're not for everyone - but I loves 'em. I figure if you are going to go about looking like Smurfette's granny - then you should commit. So top, necklace and sunnies are Turquoise - undies too. But you'll have to trust me on that score. Podge wouldn't let me take a snap of me in my smalls...

The weather is changeable - but our Saturday rituals are not. We have been out for brunch and a wander around the charity shops. We were momentarily swayed by a very pretty - Art Decoish display cabinet, with a sunburst detail on the front - £45.00. But to be honest - I'm not a display cabinet type of a gal - and it wouldn't quite fit into the kitchen. 

So we contented ourselves with the notion that lovely things do turn up - and one day we'll be in the right place at the right time - for the perfect piece. In the meantime - we left it for someone else to discover. 

The Dress: Worn conventionally and unusually - properly done up. I've developed a knack.

The Rest: Turquoise tights M&S - had them for a few years. Turquoise hoody - Climawear. Thermal vest - one of many from M&S. (I like thin, warm layers). Tiffany bracelet with blue Vivienne Westwood shoe charm. real turquoise necklace - bought on travels. Betty's ring.Kath Kidston London Buses Bag. Charity Shop scoop. 

The Shoes: Navy Blue Dr Marten Boots

The Eyewear: Turquoise sunnies. Ted Baker. TKMaxx remaindered £3.00. (Bought out of season and squirreled away).

The Doo: Scruffy unbrushed and shoved under a trusty grey wool beret (M&S). 

The Breakfast: Two sausages, crispy bacon, scrambled eggs, mushrooms and two Dr Karg crackers (sneaked in from home). No toast. Flat white. Water. 3 rounds of 9s (word game) and then a whole lot of Truth Tables and Boolean Logic figuring outs on napkins that frankly went over my head. 

Leave a comment or share the love. Either way I'd love to know what you think. Or leave a picture/description of your outfit today. That'd be really lovely. 

Friday, 21 March 2014

Day 17 | Java Jive

 Morning! I'm weaning myself back off coffee - so you'll not get much sense out of me today. I've woken up with the same headache I went to bed with and I'm feeling decidedly flimsy as my dear pal Hilary would say. So to distract everyone from the peaky, strained  - mad behind the eyes,  little face that greets them today - I've gone with more Purple!

I do love purple - it's the grown up girl's pink - which I also love. Truth is there isn't a colour I don't love - except perhaps mustard. Although I could be persuaded to wear mustard for the right shoes. What?

Today I've had to modify the line of my jumper. Worn at full stretch it made me feel frumpy and fat. I am neither and so I had to raise the hemline - to uncover a tapering line into the bodice of the dress. It's a small adjustment but it makes a huge difference. So far it's staying put.

I love the corsarge of yesterday's outfit - so I've added it again to day - with all the placcy, junky jewels too.

So to be honest - I feel like yesterday's coffee grounds in the ooky bin - but I think I look pretty acceptable no? A cute little happenstance is that the colour of the jumper picks up the remains of the purple chalk slices in my hair. Bonus!

Note: No make-up was harmed in the making of this blogpost. I may be forced to wipe on a pink smile before I head out to fetch Bakery Thursday on a Friday. (Oh do keep up).

The Dress: Worn underneath stuff.

The Rest: Gorgeous purple jumper modified. Shocking Pink 'Ladder' tights - Jonathan Aston. Pink and purple knuckle dusters. Betty's ring. Pink Silk corsarge. Debenhams. (check out their hat dept in the Sales - for loads of brilliant silk flowers and stuff - pick up the scruffy ones cheap and borrow someone's iron to smarten them up - smart huh?).

The Shoes: Carmen Miranda purple suede sandals. Kurt Geiger.

The Eyewear: Purple cats eyes sunnies as yesterday. I pick most of my sunnies up at TK MAXX but I can't actually remember where these come from. I've had them a long time.

The Do: Undone

The Bakery Order: 1x giant steak pasty, 1x cheese and onion pasty, 1x yoghurt topped flapjack, 1x Cherry Bakewell and 1x Chocolate Bus. 1x organic 6seed loaf - thick cut.

The youngest teen used to have a huge sausage roll - but now prefers to have the fresh bread with some soup. The oldest is a veggie and has hummus to eat the crust of his pasty with. I don't have cake or pastry or bread.

I am a blinking SAINT! 

Just saying...

As if to match my mood Ken is playing Leonard Cohen singing Suzanne... from Ms Vega's 'Tracks of my Years' segment.

"She is wearing rags and feathers from Salvation Army counters ..."

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Day 16 | Because I'm Happeeee!

Happy International Happiness Day! Last year March 20th United Nations declared International Happiness Day - and this is the 2nd. Bhutan has the goal of gross national happiness over Gross National Product. The idea that happiness is measured as much, if not more - by our connection with each other, time to play, meditate and contemplate and our opportunities to make a difference,  as it is by the amount of cash we have in our pockets isn't new. But it's definitely having 'a moment'.

Here is The Secretary General - Ban Ki Moon's message on IHD.

For me happiness is simple to articulate but damned hard to practice without mindfulness. I try to bring my authentic self into every encounter I have. I also try to meet every challenge I face with the best I've got at the time. If I had a mantra it would be -  'Be kind, be generous and be grateful and loving.'

So today I dressed, wholly for my own happy amusement. There's pink AND red AND purple. There's a shit tonne of plastic fantastic and a huge silk flower. There are sitting down shoes, and Poble's Bobbles! My absolute fave hair style. Which iPodge isn't particularly fond of but for my money SCREAMS Luli!

And after all that's who I is...

I shall be donating in support of the bonkers Jo Whiley - I am in awe of her achievement and I'll be watching Davina too. I shan't be posting a 'no make-up' selfie. In fact I spend my life without makeup - and I rarely drag a comb through my hair either - most of these pics of me are sans-slap! So there'd be little point and zero trepidation...

If you are joining in the spontaneous Slap-off- Selfie initiative - then please remember to include information about how to donate and details of how your pals can take part too
. I think it's a cool tool to raise funds - but ya gots to ask!

It's also the Spring Vernal Equinox today - So Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

The Dress: Washed and worn conventionally

The Rest: Lace thermal vest with lace peeping. Red cardigan, with puffy sleeves. Plastic pink and purple knuckle dusters. Mad pink plastic, rose bracelet. Vintage pink beads. Huge pink corsarge pinned to beads. Purple, thermal tights. (toasty). Orla Kiely Black Flower Bag with red handles. Tescos!

The Shoes: Office - red suede, peep-toe. I wrote a story inspired by these but it's too smutty to publish here! They are proper sitting down shoes.

The Eyewear: Purple plastic - lord knows if they have the right level of UV protection but as they're a complete affectation today - lets not worry too much huh?

The Do: Poble's Bobbles - with extra purple pizzaz!

Be happy.

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Day 15 | Caped Crusader


I've had to accept that the weatherperson  iPodge read or heard was fibbing when he/she promised 10 days of sunshine - or it was in fact a voice in his head. There have been a few late night programming - you can't always rely on him to stay sane when he's lost in code.

It's flipping flippety leave your flip-flops in the cupboard cold today. So I thought I might have a go at styling a cape. I can't say it was 100% successful. I wanted to create some structure using the bodice. there is a tiny little frill around the empire line - that I figured might stand up if I folded the bodice in on itself and popped the whole thing over my head.

We- ell... what do you think? I like the overal 'feel' of the outfit - I was hoping for a chic 60s - frenchy look - then I remembered my very, very old - and much loved RED or Dead shoes. So the whole thing took a turn for the silly. Frankly there's no getting away from the fact that I'm wearing my dress around my neck!

Still red lippy is always a joy and my hair is in a lazy chignon - after watching Hair last night on TV - I gave it a red hot go. I'm not convinced by Hair as a program, but I was a bit brain-dead last night so I slid into it after the marvelous Great British Sewing Bee. Which I totally heart.

I'd be fibbing if I told you I'll be wearing this all day - but while I'm indoors it works perfectly well - and it's toasty too! I will pop the dress on properly when I go shopping after lunch.

The Dress | Worn as a cape - or more accurately a weird poncho!

The Rest | Gap 3/4 cream trews. Charridy Shop buy. M&S thermal vest with lace under a brilliant black jumper bought years ago in Sussan - which is an Antipodean brand. Betty's ring.

The Shoes | Red or Dead Vintage

The Eyewear | Boots own - black and white.

The Do | Backcombed the crown (badly) and smoothed the lot into a twist, secured it with a massive black plastic claw. So it looks great from one side and a smidge chavvy from the other!

Overall Mark | I'm going for a cheerful 5/10 - If I do this when I'm 70 - I think my friends and family might think I have Alzheimers.

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Day 14 | Librarian Chic

Good Morning All,

I've got a skypey doo-dah booked with Orrstraliar this morning  - so this will be a blogentry of two parts.

Part the First:

Here's me rocking the librarian cardie look. It's a delicious, soft, heather colour and there's pockets! I love a pocket.

I convinced iPodge that we could turn off the heating - in anticipation of a full on Sproinging of Spring. It has not happened and this morning I'm feeling a bit chilly - but I daren't admit this. So I have cunningly popped a vest on under my dress and layered it over my trusty 3/4 trews and two scarves. He'll never know! If you don't tell...

I've included a snap of Betty's ring - for the glorious Peta - who is the callee - I'm making that a word... of today's Skype. Amazing to be able to speak with my friends and family all around the globe. Skype is perhaps one of my favourite innovations of the last decade (or has it been longer?).

Betty gave me this ring for one of my big Birthdays - I can't remember if it was 30th or 40th - surely I've had it for a very long, long time! The stone is a Cairngorm - found near her Scottish home in the Highlands. Her unbelievably talented husband designed the setting and had it made for her - and although I never met him - I am sure I would've loved him just as much as I adore her.

Peta with clog and poncho!
Peta is still offline - so we might squeeze this in before we settle in for a cuppah and a yarn. It's been a while. There'll be much to share of kids and life and plans and art and makey doings. She is one of my heroines this girl. A fine beauty, a talented artist and a Ranger! How cool is that...?

Not any old Ranger - an Australian Bush Ranger - this girl is one of the few women in Aus who are trained and fearless enough to hang under the recon-copter - flying over bush fires. Directing ops on the ground. Making sure the firefighters stay safe & don't get hemmed in.

She's the toughest, cutest, sanest chick I know - and and and - she's bloody gorgeous too!

Here's to Peta and Rangers and Firefighters everywhere - we Librarians salute you x

The Dress: Worn over a vest - nanna style!

The Rest: Heather cardi with pockets. Cream, 3/4 trews - Gap. Purple Silk scarf - as before, multi coloured Ikat style scarf - picked up on travels. Betty's ring, purple knuckle duster.

The Shoes: Bruno Magli, purple flats. Scored for a song in TKMAXX

The Eyewear: purple, Prada.

The Doo: soft waves. courtesy of Poble's Bobbles, Percy & Reed - Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Balm and plaits overnight. Most of the hair chalk has now washed out. I think the rest will fade more gently.

Monday, 17 March 2014

Day 13 | Ungovernable!


We are battling to stay focused while our sparks drills seven bits out of the kitchen walls. After over a year of living with just 3 operational sockets - I finally got around to finding a new electrician to sort out the half done job of our previous guy.

He did a perfectly adequate job - but he left a lot of things un-done, with no real explanation. Frazzled and a bit intimidated by the whole magical-electrical thingumy - I paid up and sent him off to his ski-ing holiday! So today is the day it all gets sorted. Fully chased in wiring, conveniently placed, working sockets and a light over the dining room table! Hooray...

Our new electrician is a lovely, gentle, herbal tea drinking soul - who has listened. We are here all day so we can keep an eye on the progress and make decisions as we go along. Which means the job will be done properly this time - but it does make for a noisy working environment and yet another impromptu lunch in a cafe! I KNOW - I lead the life of Riley's luckier sister!

It's chillier today - so I've popped my little black wonder dress on inside out and layered it up with a tshirt half nicked/half gifted to me by an Aussie Pal. If I remember correctly it was part of an Arts project done by the uncompromising and fierce Anj - who gave it to the awesome and truly ungovernable Megan - who gave it to me... It remains one of my faves - the lettering is crazed and the colour is a bled out black - but we all need a bit of lovin' when we're old and tatty ay?

To dial up the ante on the whole ungovernable thing - I've added high fashion tights and a pair of engineered shoe/boots from United Nude. These babies were designed by an architect and they are the most comfortable cuties in my shoedrobe. It's a word! You can't say it's not...

The Dress | Worn inside out with an unzipped gap at the top. Without iPodge to help dress me I am flumoxed with this sticky zip.

The Rest | Ungovernable Slogan Tshirt - gift. Tights I think these are Alexander McQueen - bought in a Harvey Nicks sale a few years ago, eyewateringly exxy even with 70% off! Still cool as icecubes huh? Pink plastic rings, Tiffany bracelet, grey school cardigan - Gap (charity shop buy years ago).

The Shoes | United Nude Fold Mid - Bright Mix (bought in New York - present from iPodge - he's a keeper!)

The Eyewear | Charity shop £3.00! Pilgrim - Danish Design @£45 - £90 new. Hello Bargain Cuties!

The Do | Poble's Bobbles - most of the hair chalk has already washed away. So the two weeks advertised is pushing it! I'd say I've got two more washes before all trace has gone. Which means you either do it yourself or have it done at the hairdressers when you've got something fancy on. Or you can use ordinary chalk to colour it for one wash - or if you really like the effect - use a semi permanent dye.

It was a lovely experiment. I like it a lot - so I'm contemplating getting a semi-on... Oh no I di'nt!

Oh yes I blinking did!

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Day 12 | Swinging My Pants with Orla Kiely

Yoo hoo! Super Saturday proved to be a bit of a let-down for the Englishman in my life. The sun is shining in the SW on Slumpabout Sunday and we have been out and about in it. Podgey went all northern and abandoned his jumper going about  bare armed!

Really iPodge -  take heed of the old saying ' the wise gal ne're cast a clout til' the Summer Sales are out... ' This applies to chaps too you know. The man who ventures out without his pully in the Spring time - will be shivering and whining by the time you're walking back through the park at sundown!

The lovely day was too much of an opportunity to debut my new ugly/beautiful shoes So I've gone for a monochrome riff with little splashes of mismatched colour. Red handle, jade knuckle duster, mauve sunnies... Pink lippy - oh yes and and and.... Purple Pony Tail!

Loving my new hair. The blowdry fell through overnight - unusual for a Charlie doo - but it did take a bit of a battering in the construction this time! So my hair is a bit crunchy today. I'm looking forward to seeing what it looks like without the benefit of a swish swoosh!

I've prepped the kitchen ready for the sparks who is due tomorrow morning. His partner is about to have their first baby and she's due any minute NOW - so we're bracing ourselves for a delay. I've got a little pressy for the newborn and the mammie. A little bit of luxury - after all her hard work and before all the rest of the hard work!

In the meantime - I've found a place for all the kitchen tchotsky that accumulates on the surfaces. Lord I would NEVER be able to have a pristine, empty counter, kitchen. Imagine having to remember where EVERYTHING is!? I'd have a nervous breakdown trying to find the salt for my egg!

No I'm dreaming of a concrete counter-top, fronted with recycled scaff boards - the kind of kitchen you can make a mess in without having a hissy fit about crumbs and coffee spills.

I digress... of course I do.

The Dress: Worn conventionally without anything underneath. It's Sunny today.

The Rest: Black ballet cardigan - Gap. Black and White graphic patterned long skirt. Primarni. Stainless Steel cutwork heart on leather string. Present from iPodge - Milan. Betty's ring (which is a Cairngorm stone found by her husband in a setting he designed for her too. Given to me for my birthday. Treasured. ) Jade, plastic, knuckle duster. Boots.

The Shoes: White placcy, ugly, beautiful gladiators with rubber soles. Pradamark.

The Eyewear: Purple plastic fantastic sunnies. TKMaxx sale - they were £3.00! I MADE myself walk away from a perfect pair of red, cats eye sunnies - French Connection. Spotted in Boots and they were perfect for this outfit. Too exxy for an impulse buy in new hair week!

The Bag: Orla Kiely, jute bag for Tescos! I collect them.

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Day 11 | C'est Violette!


Late entry for today's little ensemble. It's changed a couple of times today. For brunch I headed out with the dark green, suede, Red or Dead booties, purple silk scarf and a beautiful Missoni cardigan which will feature again soon.

One delicious Bubble and Squeak with smoked bacon and a perfectly poached egg later - and an hour or so in the sunny window - and I was panting on the way home! So a quick chimmy changeo was called for and I headed out to my hair appt minus cardi, and plus my trusty flats. There was some yomping to be done to get there on time!

So here we are then - back home after a 3 hour trip to the wonderful Charlie. I arrived feeling a bit frumpy and forlorn and we discussed tactics. I am growing out the blonde - which is a bit operation and in the meantime I'm blending in the grey - going for a greige vibe with the end game of a chic, grey fox do. Embracing my grey and rocking it into my mid 50s.

Well that's the plan - the reality has been a little less exciting. My hair hasn't gone a wonderful steely grey all over - far from it - and the amount of colour still in it - means that it looks like the pelt of an ageing rat! Not the look I was aiming for.

Help is most definitely at hand - Miss Charlie is one of the best colourists I've ever come across and let me tell you - I've been to many, many in my years as a signed up member of Hair Whores Anon. She's dumped a tint on my hair that is used on brassy blondes to tone down the yellow and give it an ashy look. I don't have this issue - so what it has done is allowed the grey to shine and added a sort of purple haze!

While we were chatting I mentioned the hair chalks in the window and how much I love one of the hairdressers' faded out purple/blueypurple hair and before we could yell 'Squeeee'... we decided to have a blinking go! Result... In fact a very chic grey/purple tint - bumped up with some serious purple cred through the front and there's loads in the back underneath - so when Poble's Bobbles are in place - you'll see purple through the back!

I'm really happy - and I feel transformed from middle aged frump-o-rama into a cool - chic older woman with a bit of edge a bit of Grrrrrrr!

So here are the details:

The Dress: Worn as it was designed to be worn.

The Rest: Super soft, slate grey tee shirt - Whistles. Brown starburst tights - no idea, had 'em years. Wonderful dark, sagey green leather and fabric bomber jacket. Charity Shop find! (I KNOW - right?!)

The Shoes: Clarks, punched brogues - I want these in every colour before the trend dies and I can't get the so easily. I think punched brogues may be my 'shoe-thing'. I just can't do stab heels for more than a couple of hours these days... Sigh!

The Eyewear: Charity Shop - emergency buy. £2.00.

The Do: Charlie at AKA Bristol - L'Oreal deep conditioning treatment, purple hair chalk. We're talking blow-dry, hot irons, and PRODUCT! Every 4 - 6 weeks without fail. I wear my hair every day - and if it looks good - I feel good! So there...

Friday, 14 March 2014

Day 10 | Margo Moments

Good morning... It's still misty and cold here - so my dreams of wafting about in this dress, all done up with bits of jewelry, hair adornments and whisps of silk shirt are dashed again. Day 10 and reality bites. I've swopped jeans and a Tshirt for - dress and a jumper!

The only response to the cold and the sameyness - is to have a Margo Moment!

Now this isn't a full on MM - I'll describe it as Novice Level. Margo wouldn't have worn the dress in the first place - but the matching candy pink jumper and pants with purple stiletto pumps and headscarf - are so Margo. I lack the time and conviction for dark pink talons and my LBD moves this whole outfit next door - to Tom and Barbara's - but it's warm, bright and that's what I need this morning.

I haven't loaded up on accessories - I'd look like I'm playing at dress-up - which isn't entirely the 'look' I'm going for.

This started as a tribute to The Grand Budapest Hotel - gorgeous, sumptuous film with a lot of pink and some of the best 60s wallpaper I've seen pasted up anywhere real or imagined. However it took a turn for the Leadbetter (see what I did there?) in the building and here we are...

The Dress: Worn under a jummie and over trews!

The Rest: Raspberry parade 3/4 trousers - Coast, lambswool polo-neck jumper with side loops - trusty M&S chariddy shop score. Multicoloured plaid shawl - Valerie Watt (Australian). Beautiful silk multi-coloured scarf. Unknown - from Billy Jean's wonderful, vintage shop - now defunct. *sighs again at the march of baby clothes shops across our independent high street.

The public wants what the public gets...

The Shoes: As yesterday

The Do: Still unkempt - there will be lovely new hair tomorrow so I can't wash it now because clean hair isn't the thing for tinting. I've swept it over one side - and shoved it under the scarf. You and I know that scarf will be off in about five minutes. It will annoy me!

*Another less pleasant side effect of not wearing cheapo jeans with lots and LOTS of stretch in them - is I am fully reminded of my increasing waistline. These trousers were loose the last time I had them on - this morning they can only be described as 'barely comfortable' - they may not make it through the whole day...

Needless to say - I'm drinking juice!

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Day 9 | Purple Peril

Greetings! It's freezing again... here in the South West. Today is Bakery Thursday. Which means the men of the house get to scoff baked goods. Pasties, Bakewell tarts, the chocolate bus and amazing, fresh, six seeded, organic bread. Lucky them.

Me? I don't pastie...

Today I am channeling lady-like daintyness - complete with lace around the collar and cuffs of my thermals, pointy, pointy shoes and ickle pearly buttons on my cardy! Layers are the key to keeping warm - I can reveal that my knickers are colour-coded purple too... this doesn't help the thermal count - but it makes me feel great.

I'm wearing what my grandmother would call 'sitting down shoes' -  they are the perfect combination of cute and treacherous. A fairly old-school pointed toe - stiletto designed by the Rock and roll designer John Richmond. Purple, sexiness all the way up and all the way down.

The Dress | Worn right way up - under a button up.

The Rest | Thermal vest with lace trim. Purple, lambswool cardigan with little grey buttons. M&S purple tights under black circle lacey tights. Pink, plastic, roses bracelet. Vintage, pink beaded necklace. Wool, silk scarf - fancy french label. Wide waspy belt with a bow - Peacocks! Betty's ring.

The Shoes | Purple & Silver, leather, stab heel stilettos - John Richmond (Vintage)

The Eyewear | Purple Prada

The Do | Unbrushed and undone. Today was supposed to be lovely new hair day - but my hairdresser's little man is poorly - so that's me flaunting my grey, badger stripe for another few days.

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Day 8 | Stellavation!

Good Morning. I am on stilts today! I've no idea who's reading this little bloggette. I'm thinking some of my pals from other blogs might drive by and you never know - if it gets shared there may be the odd stray. I always advise bullish self confidence to others when discussing their blog 'voice' No-one enjoys a needy blogger hey?

So back to the plot. Today I am wearing my absolute favorite boots. A pair of brown, neoprene, thigh-high Stella McCartney's with cigarette heels. Achingly cool - amazingly comfortable and they make me feel about 6ft tall! What is not to love?

I was egged on to buy these by my dear pal and Ultimate Shoe Queen KP - this woman is serious. She has an entire room in her house fully shoe wardrobed out - and her collection is beyond fabulous. We're talking Gina, Terry De Havilland, Dolce & Gabbana on and on it goes - then there's the Hermes bag - bought with money left to her by her granny - because it's what she would've wanted.

This chick has serious style - not the guttersnip, silly nonsense I'm parading about in this blog. I mean serious chops. At 16 she made her own corset. Without the first clue about boning - she made her own by sewing strips of material together until she got the right stiffness. Genius! 

She is my style heroine. I'd give you a snapshot - but I don't have one - and she'd murder me - and I mean proper, East End Gangster style sorting... You don't mess with KP.

So without further ado or adon't - (not sure that worked as well as it did in my head...) Here are the details for today!

The Dress | Inside out and if I'm honest not fully zipped up then tucked into my knickers (what?) - I can't manage the fiddly zip without iPodge's help and he was up early and out of the door. I shall spend most of today in a state of semi deshabiller and not in a sexy, french way. In a scatty Luli way...

The Rest | Brown fine knit cardi knotted at the bust, FWM. Cute swing back jacket with short sleeves and a hood, funnel neck. Therapy. Beautiful handfelted scarf - bought in Sydney Markets. Selection of wooden bangles - bought in charridy shops. I pick them up whenever I see them. Betty's ring. (my constant companion). Selection of plastic fantastic, knuckle dusters. I might wear the mulit-coloured plaid as a shawl - it's a bit chilly round the Urals x

The Shoes | Stella McCartney, as previously described. But can we just take a moment people... leave a comment about just how much you love these boots... They deserve your love!

The Eyewear | Gucci

*a note about glasses. I don't get you one pair until they fall off types. Whassatabout. Man I was secretly so delighted when my optician finally told me that I had enough of a change to warrant wearing specs. I went mad! I keep the ones that are from the previous prescription and insist on wearing them - not for working or reading - obvs. But then I have special glasses for doing all that.

No it's essential to have the right pair of specs for your outfit. No?

The Do | Poble's Bobbles with feather adornments. For Bestie Kim - who rocks a hair accessory like no other x x