Sunday, 6 April 2014

Day 33 | I Wanna See The Sunshine After The Rain...

I wanna see bluebirds flying over that mountain again... doo bee doo.. Me and iPodge are having a singalong this afternoon with his guitar. In fact he's doing an acoustic version of Dancing in the Dark - which is lovely. While I put away the shopping and take yet more pictures of myself - in the same set of poses - because despite watching EVERY single AMNTM - I am not a natural born modelle!

So with wonky bobbles and exactly the same tights*/shoe combo as yesterday - because I loiked it! BITE ME... here is Day 33 - of this Lent Challenge.

*fresh tights - natch. I do have some standards...

In fact because all of these elements have featured before I won't put myself through the tedium of re:listing them - and just shove up the pics...

Yellow Cardie, purple silk scarf, grey tights, green shoes. When you put it like that all in one place - it's a bit of a jumble!

1 comment:

  1. Purple and yellow look good together. I`ve been wearing a purple aran cardigan with flecks of bright colours today with a lovely scarf bought from H & M a few years ago. It is mainly cream with yellows/magentas. Plus a bobble trim. Makes me feel very spring like :)