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The dress is a lucky charity shop purchase. I've had it for a few years and I rarely wear it because iPodge doesn't really like it. It has to be said, it's a bit voluminous - but it's perfect for a 40 Day Little Black Dress Challenge.

It's a sleeveless, fully lined, whisper light. cotton dress with a fluted pleat detail at the empire line and a side zip. Cross over bust and those funny bra loops - that smack of posh & fiddly.

The pattern is simple | all-over pale grey, abstract circles on a black background. If I'm honest it's probably a bit cutesy for a woman of my advancing years - but I like it. So there.

Brand: GAP
Size: 12 (which makes it comfortable for layering, but a bit booby without a vest!)
Cost: £7.00

The Challenge isn't really a challenge at all. It's just me deciding to wear the same dress for just over a month. I want to have fun, be creative and enjoy my beautiful clothes. Stick with the same basic garment and explore the rest of my wardrobe as I pull out jackets, cardies - accessories and vests. Lots and LOTS of vests! It is March in the UK. I doubt I'll be wearing this clever little dress with a pair of orange strappy flats and a big floppy hat...

Over the last few years I have gradually stopped 'dressing up'. In 2009 I stopped working in an office and since 2011 I've lost 28kg and rediscovered jeans. I'm not even talking 'Damn! Check my fabulous, fine toosh out in these bad boys..' denim. I spend the best part of my life in a pair of size 8 (oh size 8 how I love thee) stretchy (ah now we get to it...) £10 jeans.

The women of The Advanced Style blog would be disappointed in me. I've got a bit boring. I've got a bit lazy. Skinny isn't everything - in fact, so far it's proven to be a one way ticket to Slobsville.

So here we go - there's a couple of suitcases of clobber under the bed. Who knows what I'll discover...

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