Thursday, 3 April 2014

Day 30 | Monsoon Stripe

Hello. Here we go!

Caffeine headaches have completely cleared - I reckon that was a full 96 hours to ditch the physical habit this time - but 'tis done and in a few more days - I'll stop looking longingly at the flat whites being handed over the steel and concrete counters of my fave java shops up and down the Gloucester Road. *sigh

To celebrate, I have got dressed and even wielded the mascara brush and rotated the lippy tube. It's hours since I did and I've drunk lunch - so you won't notice it in the  pic - but I did and I'm counting it as feeling better. I am very un-girl in that respect. I shove it on once and hope for the best for the rest of the day.

So to the outfit. I'm still struggling with the necessity for layers and jumpers - and by Day 30 I'm feeling dumpy and a bit frumpy in this daily combo. So I've dragged out some beads and bangles to jingle and jangle. Oh and a very, very posh cardigan!

I'm not bothering much with matchy, matchy either - but we're still in the same tonal range. Just.

The Dress: Worn conventionally - I'm rather glad there's only 10 more days of the challenge to go - I have renewed respect for the chic that wore the same dress for a whole year. There are only so many ways to make a jumper and boots look interesting!

The Rest: Thermal, lace, long sleeved vest. M&S. Gorgeous stripey cardigan with tiny buttons. Missoni. (Oh yes you read that right!) - If I were rich I'd be clad head to toe in this label. One of my all time faves - even before their renaissance. Burgundy thermal tights. Black and green plastic beads, green printed perspex bangle, wooden bangles. All collected on my travels.

The Juice: Minty Sunshine.I made mine with an orange, a red grapefruit, carrots, mint and ginger. Happy juice in a beaker.

The Shoes: Blue, DM boots - extra socks.

The Doo: Pobbles trusty Bobbles!

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