Friday, 4 April 2014

Day 31 | Balloons and Shoes

Good Evening! We had a proper job Spring day in the SW today - culminating in a big balloon launch. I love this time of year when the big hot air balloons go up. They were flying incredibly low over our street earlier. Your first clue that they are near is the unmistakable whoooshrush of the burners.

Then you rush out to wave - the baskets were so low - I had a chat with the chaps in the Tattinger Balloon. How lovely is that?!

I've lived here over 8 years now I think and I've never been up in one - we had one at Somerfield but I didn't manage to wangle a ride. Ah well!

Today is the last day of the Juice Spring Clean. I finally feel like I usually do on Day 2! Quite bouncy and clear. The TV has gorn bung - and iPodge has been 'hijacked' by one of the teams. They wanted me to trekk into town to hang out - but I'm not in the mood for boozy 'shop' talk.

The Dress: Worn conventionally under a jumper. It's not that warm yet!

The Rest: Gorgeous raspberry V neck. Purple Waterfall cardigan - I think it was supposed to be pjs. Silk scarf as before. Raspberry cropped trews. Coast. Acid Green, plastic knuckle duster.

The Shoes: Purple, John Richmond, vintage, winkle picker, stellies - there you go all your happies in one pair of shoes.

The Doo: Accidentally looking fairly good on the tumbly curl front - but this whole 'get back to natural' go grey - inbetweeny thing is getting a bit tedious. I think its looking well dodgy. The day is fast approaching when I must decide if I can dare to chop - like Li'l Sis. Who recently chopped her big hair and it looks great.

The Balloons: Tattinger and the Bristol Balloon Company went overhead. Hooray!

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  1. Looking good in purple. I love the balloons in Bristol. We were lucky enough to be driving down the M5 when they were flying. What a spectacular sight they were.