Saturday, 8 March 2014

Day 4 | Breaking Amish

Inside Out For International Women's Day

Sliding in at supper-time with today's pics and a super quick run down of my first weekend outfit. I had intended to do something really dramatic - but I woke up tired and grumpy so I went for easy and simple. Luli does Amish. Well if we ignore the zip - and the buttons and the fancy undies!

I didn't get a detail of the shoes with today's tights - I was in a rush, and now I'm deconstructed after a day in the garden fixing up the shed roof! (I've swopped the cardigan for a comfy house cardy and my shoes for my duvet slippers - which will feature in an 'at home ensemble' - somewhen.

I really, really did wear my dress while slapping bitumen on the shed roof - I tucked it into my knickers and put an old fleece on over it and NO there isn't a picture. The poor neighbour was beside himself with trying not to stare at my knees!

I do have a pic of the shoes - taken a while back, with purple tights. This will have to do...

I plan to learn to use photoshop during this project - so I'm hoping the photographs get a bit better and I can develop a 'style' for the blog. I will also start to use iPodge's better camera. It isn't super, uber fancy - I'd have to borrow the teenager's kit if I want to get totally professionale - and that is never going to happen.

I was dead pleased with this little outfit. I realise now - that you can't actually see much of it - but you get the idea. It's a good job I filled up on a huge brunch because I am woman without clue - as far as supper goes - I'm hoping iPodge will let me get away with a rock cake and some chocolate.

So the details:

Dress worn inside out - I meant to unpick the label - but I didn't get around to it. Bite me... Lovely white and blue cotton striped button up shirt with smock/pin tuck detail - gathered under the bust. Charity shop find. Ballet wrap cardigan also from a charity shop. Brilliant brown/grey/black needle stripe tights. Betty's ring. Pale tan, punched brogues from Clarkes with a tan handbag, scored a few years ago from a charity shop. Beautiful cutwork heart necklace - a gift from iPodge, bought in Milan. (Swank - swank...) You can't see it!

Hair: Poble's Bobbles
Eyewear: Gucci

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  1. I'd kill for that handbag... ;-) Elena