Thursday, 6 March 2014

Day 2 | Kimono My House - I wanna give you candy ...

Lets just say we're not starting at the beginning. Yesterday, while thinking about Lent - in a completely 'non-religious but everyone'll be going on about it so I'm going to' loop - I wondered about having a little seasonal challenge.

I thought - I might give up wearing jeans for 40 days.

Then I thought - I might wear the same dress for 40 days and have fun dressing up.

Then I thought - Ooh er... I'm not entirely convinced that's all that practical. 

Little Black Dress Challenge 

I mentioned the '40 day in the same dress notion' to my chap - who here, there and everywhere shall be known as iPodge. He smiled a distracted, indulgent smile and I took that to mean - he's perfectly sanguine about the whole enterprise.

So this morning Day 2 - I figured I'd pop the dress on again - and dig about at the other end of the wardrobe. No pressure. One day at a time...

I  remembered the excellent Uniform Project of a few years back - which is perhaps the dormant trigger for my little adventure. I loved the creativity and daily inventiveness of Sheena - the gorgeous, stylish chick behind the UP. I am also constantly inspired by the wonderful style of the women featured on Ari Seth Cohen's blog Advanced Style.

This little venture is way, way more modest.

To please myself, I plan to wear the same Little Black Dress for the 40 days of Lent. Using it as a challenge to 'dress' every day and re-ignite my love of clothes, and colour and pattern and daftness. I've spent the last year in stretchy jeans from Tescos - which just won't do... It really is time to dump the dull.

So in celebration of style, of clothes and of fun. I'm wading in. 

I'll pop a daily selfie here and on instagram - I'll bore my friends on facebook rigid with yet another one of my daily photo projects (I'm already having fun with the 100 Happy Days Project) and if I can remember how to set up the RSS thingamajigger - you can keeps tabs and share your thoughts too if you like, or not, as you wish.

There's no fundraising element. I'm just having fun with my wardrobe and documenting it.

I'll have to recreate Day 1 later - for completeness sake...

A word about perfection and productivity 

I promised myself today that this month would be about having a go - without being afraid that it isn't perfect. Worrying about whether there is worth in a thing or not - is the enemy of creativity and productivity. Who cares? I don't have to take pictures and post my outfits online. Of course I don't - but I'm going to. Because I'd like to have a go.

So here I am - having a right old go!

Be fabulous!


Day 2: Fenn Wright Mason Kimono Jacket, Alpaca & Merino fine knit asymetric cardi (worn as scarf), grey thermal tights, grey suede booties with grossgrain ribbon | Kurt Geiger. Wide elastic, bow belt worn upside down and back to front, ultra fine 3/4 sleeve tee (unseen). Acid green plastic knuckle duster. Black and White reading specs.


  1. Just been over for a look at the Uniform Project. No wonder it was your trigger for doing this.

  2. It was a truly inspired project & went on into a second year with different women & different dresses taking up the challenge for a month & raising funds & awareness for recycling, up cycling & sustainable fashion. I loved it!