Sunday, 23 March 2014

Day 19 | Sunday Brunch


We've spent a lovely afternoon at the wonderful Duchess of Totterdown cafe with two Bristol pals - the Glorious Listers. Scoffing Full English breakfasts and talking about nothing very much - we whiled away hours and hours in the most hospitable little eatery I've ever had the pleasure of dining in.

I knew I was going to like it - on spotting a fellow Bobbler - turns out she was the cook! So worried was Cookie that she'd over done our food - that we were treated to a round of her newest invention. Soda bread with apple and coriander - with butter - fresh from the oven.

In fact our food was perfectly cooked - but we scoffed down the delicious soda bread and all agreed that it would be perfect with a chunk of sharp cheddar and a cup of tea. We hung about so long - we scored a huge serving of Duchess Mess with four spoons! All in all a perfect way to spend a sunny/rainy Sunday.

Back home and I had a yen to bake chickpea brownies. I spotted the recipe a while ago - and someone else mentioned them - so I thought I'd give it a bash. Trouble is - my record with brownies is appauling and I don't have exactly the right ingredients. So I went right off plan. And I mean RIGHT OFF plan... Mistakenly added too much salt, then realised I didn't have any chocolate - so added 3 tablespoons of cocoa powder - doubled the coconut oil and the sugar and added another whole egg for good measure.

Then I went mad and added a cup of strong coffee - to make a more battery consistency - oh and some ground flax and pumpkin seed. Well in for a penny...

The raw mixture tasted lovely - but I've just taken it out of the oven to cool and a) It hasn't risen. b) It's stuck firm to the baking parchement. (If I'm honest I don't know which way round your supposed to put it, I may have put it in upside down) and c) The little bit I've just tasted - is - well - ODD...

So I've baked a whole tray of flat, odd tasting brownies made with chickpeas - this will be a bit of a tough sell! I'm thinking of sandwiching two together with jam. I think I may have to call them 'Flatties'...

I had threatened my friend that I was going to turn up with the dress worn on my head - but in fact I felt more like a ladylike outfit today - I even put on some make-up.

The Dress: Worn conventionally.

The Rest: Grey, soft Tee as before, grey marl, thermal tights - with proper bum shaping. Very comfy. Yellow 3/4 sleeve cardigan. Yellow & black silk scarf - present from a friend. Acid green knuckle duster Brilliant short, blue, jacket, Michael Kors, Kath Kidston bag.

The Shoes: Blue Dr Marten Boots

The Eyewear:  Green Sunnies - Gianfranco Ferre (fancy!)

The Doo: Pobble's Bobbles - The purple has pretty much washed out by now. It has made my hair very knotty and dry. So I'm not sure I can have it done every time - shame - I've loved it!

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