Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Day 8 | Stellavation!

Good Morning. I am on stilts today! I've no idea who's reading this little bloggette. I'm thinking some of my pals from other blogs might drive by and you never know - if it gets shared there may be the odd stray. I always advise bullish self confidence to others when discussing their blog 'voice' No-one enjoys a needy blogger hey?

So back to the plot. Today I am wearing my absolute favorite boots. A pair of brown, neoprene, thigh-high Stella McCartney's with cigarette heels. Achingly cool - amazingly comfortable and they make me feel about 6ft tall! What is not to love?

I was egged on to buy these by my dear pal and Ultimate Shoe Queen KP - this woman is serious. She has an entire room in her house fully shoe wardrobed out - and her collection is beyond fabulous. We're talking Gina, Terry De Havilland, Dolce & Gabbana on and on it goes - then there's the Hermes bag - bought with money left to her by her granny - because it's what she would've wanted.

This chick has serious style - not the guttersnip, silly nonsense I'm parading about in this blog. I mean serious chops. At 16 she made her own corset. Without the first clue about boning - she made her own by sewing strips of material together until she got the right stiffness. Genius! 

She is my style heroine. I'd give you a snapshot - but I don't have one - and she'd murder me - and I mean proper, East End Gangster style sorting... You don't mess with KP.

So without further ado or adon't - (not sure that worked as well as it did in my head...) Here are the details for today!

The Dress | Inside out and if I'm honest not fully zipped up then tucked into my knickers (what?) - I can't manage the fiddly zip without iPodge's help and he was up early and out of the door. I shall spend most of today in a state of semi deshabiller and not in a sexy, french way. In a scatty Luli way...

The Rest | Brown fine knit cardi knotted at the bust, FWM. Cute swing back jacket with short sleeves and a hood, funnel neck. Therapy. Beautiful handfelted scarf - bought in Sydney Markets. Selection of wooden bangles - bought in charridy shops. I pick them up whenever I see them. Betty's ring. (my constant companion). Selection of plastic fantastic, knuckle dusters. I might wear the mulit-coloured plaid as a shawl - it's a bit chilly round the Urals x

The Shoes | Stella McCartney, as previously described. But can we just take a moment people... leave a comment about just how much you love these boots... They deserve your love!

The Eyewear | Gucci

*a note about glasses. I don't get you one pair until they fall off types. Whassatabout. Man I was secretly so delighted when my optician finally told me that I had enough of a change to warrant wearing specs. I went mad! I keep the ones that are from the previous prescription and insist on wearing them - not for working or reading - obvs. But then I have special glasses for doing all that.

No it's essential to have the right pair of specs for your outfit. No?

The Do | Poble's Bobbles with feather adornments. For Bestie Kim - who rocks a hair accessory like no other x x

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  1. Loving your daily blogs. My favourite outfits so far are days 5 & 6. I can see why you love today`s boots. They are fab.