Saturday, 22 March 2014

Day 18 | Grandma Smurf

I woke up this morning and wondered who's daft idea it was to spend 40 days in the same blinking dress! No-one is forcing me to do this - I didn't even have the foresight to get people to sponsor me to do it as part of sports relief or Cancer Research.

Nope I am just pleasing my own sweet self - by wearing the same dress for over a month. It's also my decision to wear it differently every day - I could just sling on the same jumper for a couple of days on the trot - but no. Miss Fancy Pants Luli has to swan about in a different motley every day of the 40 days. 

It's day 18 - we're not even half way there - and this morning I felt a bit uninspired. So I decided to move off from purple and go with another of my 'go-to' colours. Turquoise Blue. 

Here I am in the Smurf Tights (as iPodge unimaginatively dubbed them - the first time he saw them). They're not for everyone - but I loves 'em. I figure if you are going to go about looking like Smurfette's granny - then you should commit. So top, necklace and sunnies are Turquoise - undies too. But you'll have to trust me on that score. Podge wouldn't let me take a snap of me in my smalls...

The weather is changeable - but our Saturday rituals are not. We have been out for brunch and a wander around the charity shops. We were momentarily swayed by a very pretty - Art Decoish display cabinet, with a sunburst detail on the front - £45.00. But to be honest - I'm not a display cabinet type of a gal - and it wouldn't quite fit into the kitchen. 

So we contented ourselves with the notion that lovely things do turn up - and one day we'll be in the right place at the right time - for the perfect piece. In the meantime - we left it for someone else to discover. 

The Dress: Worn conventionally and unusually - properly done up. I've developed a knack.

The Rest: Turquoise tights M&S - had them for a few years. Turquoise hoody - Climawear. Thermal vest - one of many from M&S. (I like thin, warm layers). Tiffany bracelet with blue Vivienne Westwood shoe charm. real turquoise necklace - bought on travels. Betty's ring.Kath Kidston London Buses Bag. Charity Shop scoop. 

The Shoes: Navy Blue Dr Marten Boots

The Eyewear: Turquoise sunnies. Ted Baker. TKMaxx remaindered £3.00. (Bought out of season and squirreled away).

The Doo: Scruffy unbrushed and shoved under a trusty grey wool beret (M&S). 

The Breakfast: Two sausages, crispy bacon, scrambled eggs, mushrooms and two Dr Karg crackers (sneaked in from home). No toast. Flat white. Water. 3 rounds of 9s (word game) and then a whole lot of Truth Tables and Boolean Logic figuring outs on napkins that frankly went over my head. 

Leave a comment or share the love. Either way I'd love to know what you think. Or leave a picture/description of your outfit today. That'd be really lovely. 


  1. Great Saturday outfit. You really suit turquoise too :)

  2. Thank Sue. On my way to commenting - I have now accidentally recommended my own vanity blog on google plus. Oops x