Friday, 7 March 2014

Day 3 | China Girl

Nǐ hǎo! 

I struggle with this little chinese jacket. It's a beautiful dark green and orangey red. Free from restrictions with my little dress up project. I've pulled it out of the closet and I'm rather pleased with the result. 

I found it in the wonderful vintage shop Billy Jean (now sadly gone, and replaced with yet another shop for expensive toddlers.) It came with a very odd pair of trouserswhich I sent to the charity shop. I wish I'd kept them they'd have looked cute peeping under the skirts of the LBD!

When I came downstairs - iPodge greeted me in traditional Chinese 'kowtow' style and I felt very ladylike! 

I'm going to set up a camera on a gorilla tripod over the weekend. This little adventure is all about learning and playing - and I'd like to learn more about the camera - so next week, I master the timer function!

Details below!

I felt a bit bulky around the middle with the jacket buttoned up - so I restyled it with a necklace and a buttoned up collar. I have no idea who this belonged to originally - but she had a tiny neck! You can see the pattern in the dress more clearly today.

I've also figured out how to flip the camera so it's a bit easier to take an image without staring myself down. I'm not wearing my glasses - so  if I look like I'm peering at myself with intent. I am.

I also had a couple of mishaps - minus glasses. A persistent slide to the video and a couple of shots of the carpet. 

Finally I've included a detail of my shoes. I have had these beautiful Red or Dead booties for years and years. I look after my shoes and these have recently been revived by our local cobbler who glued rubber soles back and reheeled them. 

Just like new! 

 The Details | China Girl 

Vintage hand sewn, green brocade, Chinese style jacket with platted jersey belt. 
Pale green fine knit jumper (just seen)
Black and green plastic necklace 
Purple and green plastic knuckle-dusters
Green tights (M&S)
Vintage, green, suede, buckled ankle boots with rubber heel. Red or Dead.

Bad hair day - unsecured plaits! 

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