Sunday, 9 March 2014

Day 5 | Biba Diva

Blurry Rock Diva Shot. Or not! 
In every wardrobe lurks the perfect little leather jacket - no? Mine is this little corker - coveted and lusted after for many months. I have photographs of me in the nude/beige and the black version taken in-store, long before I landed my own. I have no shame  in matters of fash-on. In fact last year when considering my finances and thinking very, very hard about my shopping habit - I hit on my version of Chiconomics.

I realised that the shopping, searching, trying on and catwalking it about in the changing room part of the process represents a very high proportion of the overall 'happy' measurement when buying clothes.

So!  Thinks I. What about I give myself all of that excitement and fun - and none of the guilt? 

I could document how cute I look in an outfit - without ever handing over the moolah at the till. This my friends proved to be a perfect way of indulging my love of shopping without troubling my bank account, and while finances have evened out this year - I still take little changing rooms selfies to add to my collection of 'Clothes I Don't Own'.  Genius!  No no... No need to thank me - my little gift to you x.

I appear to have lost the top of my head and my leg in this photo - Podgey is no Bailey.

Ah ha! The missing leg...
To the details! 
After yesterday's Breaking Amish remodelled for Fixing Up the Shedish - I headed for the glam of a pair of 70's inspired platforms and the aforementioned Biba jacket. (I finally scored an almost brand new one on Ebay and saved myself over £200 smackers - the power of visualisation my friends.)

The Dress: Worn right side up and right way around!
The Rest: Uber soft, gunmetal, scoop neck tee with cuffs - Whistles. Most excellent beige Biba leather jacket worn with the cuffs unzipped. Ancient but fantastic, greige lace tights. Betty's ring, green knuckle duster and green perspex, printed bangle. (Present from sister I think).  Gorgeous semi-precious stone necklace on burgundy ribbon, Harvey Nicks - bought with birthday cash from generous FatherOne a few years ago - in a sale. It was eye-wateringly fancy and expensive even with 70% off! Can't now remember the designer...
The Shoes: Fave and much loved Ted Baker platforms - green faux snakeskin and suede.
The sunnies: Gucci - natch!

Live by the Heel - Die by the Heel my friends...

I'm giving myself a hefty 7/10 for this - I felt very cool. We bumped into Dino - the owner of a little Italian restaurant and deli supplies business while we were out and about - and an appreciative up and downer from a stylish, Italian chap is worth a few points I'd say.

Off to catch up on the Rugby - no spoilers...

Podgey = Proud Englishman
Luli =  Gobby Welsh Bird

Result = Loud sofa-shouting action come match day!

Here's one of those in-store pics. You can see the jacket and the sunnies better. Also my much loved, now long gone, blonde hair...

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