Monday, 24 March 2014

Day 20 | Chickpea Brownies #fail

Hello! It's still blinking freezy here in the South West - and I am half way through my Little Black Dress Challenge. I have yet to fashion a hat or a tote bag from my dress - and today is not the day. Nope - today is comfort and warmth.

So I'm wrapped up in a beautiful wool, silk, paisley scarf sent to me for one of my birthdays by the glorious Mummy One. If I have some style - I think She She could claim at least some of the credit. I remember her in the 70s looking amazing - especially when she got all dolled up for fancy dinners - there was a special extra hair piece that would be styled at the hairdressers into impossible and wonderful up-dos.

I remember my mamma being glamorous and a bit of a style nazi when it came to my sister and I. We had great clothes - really lovely - but we were not allowed to be slaves to fashion. If it didn't look right on our little bodies then we were steered to something different. My mum was Gok Wanning us when GW was still a fat, weird kid looking at his shoes.

I remember I wanted a skinny ribbed jumper - BADLY - what I got was a lemon yellow jumper with little, short puff sleeves. Far better suited to my slightly tubby, puppy fat rolls. I wasn't happy - but somewhere in there were the lessons about wearing what suits, dressing for your shape and having fun with colour.

Today - is a brown day. Just is - I don't make the rules.

I made Chickpea Brownies yesterday - a total, unmitigated fail! Not helped by missing a crucial ingredient.Chocolate! I subbed in chocolate powder and then added all sorts of other stuff to get the consistency right. The entire batch are flat as pancakes and taste like the oat cake equivalent of cheese biscuits. WORTHY!

They are so flat that they can be sandwiched with raspberry jam and pnb without ending up too big to eat. So I've had one of these adapted flaties with a cup of tea. I can't say I'm looking forward to my next one...

In honour of the flaties and because it's freakin' chilly here. I'm wearing thermals, a long cardie and a shawl - with comfy, warm shoes. It's not the most glam outfit - but I'm warm! The heating is back on... sigh ... and sends a prayer of thanks for being able to afford it.

The Dress: Worn conventionally.

The Rest: Fine mesh, thermal vest, long line brown marl, edge to edge cardie - Phase 8 sale. Paisley scarf - from mamma, wooden bangles - various charridy shops, lovely, chunky, plastic pendant - present from old work colleague,  greige lacy tights - ancient - lace tights rock, they last for EVER.

The Shoes: Nike Yoga shoes. iPodge is both horrified and delighted that I posess a pair of shoes that are designed specifically to wear to yoga class. I do wear these to yoga in the summer - but in the winter they double as toasty house shoes.

The Eyewear: Not seen, but I'm wearing my 'other' reading glasses - brown to blue - Boots own. There's a twofer deal on again this season - might need to update my spectacle wardrobe for summer!

The Do: Woeful...

I've also dialed up the brightness too high - so I look like a weird ghost person. This isn't my fave outfit - it's just too cold to faff about. I promise I will wear the gorgeous tapestry coat, Clarks brogues and little brown handbag if I go outside. That way I'll look cool while I shiver x

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