Thursday, 27 March 2014

Day 23 | Pretty in Pink

The Dress | Worn conventionally over a thermal vest! Noice...

The Rest | Pink Cardy - Primarni, pink silly scarf - chariddy shop. Plastic Fantastic rose bracelet, pink knuckle dusters. Pink Socks. 

The Shoes | I'm indoors so I'm wearing a pair of gingham duvet booties

- Ikea. Absolutely THE BEST things ever! Toasty warm and stylish no? 

I've included a selection of optional footwear which would look darling with my pink sockies. So there Mean Girl. 

In fact I'm just off out to buy bakery Thursday for the chaps. It's a bit cold so this lot will be topped off with a big coat and stompy boots.

The Doo | Pobbles Bobbles - hastily wound so I'm afeared for 'em. Adorned with a cocktail umbrella. 

The Eyewear | Purple Prada 

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