Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Day 22 | Purple Kniption

laptop Larry is indisposed - so here is a super quick, super late entry. I'm barely avoiding a brace of Rock Cakes - but I can hear their siren call.

Eat us. Luli. We'll go hard & stale if you don't...

The pics are impressions of today's ensemble. I left it too late to take snaps in daylight so you can't see the waterfall, jersey cardy. I stomped around in big black  pots today - to match my big black mood. Grumpy Old Haridan covers it. ' Nuff said.

The Dress: miraculously still fits despite weeks of scoffing.

The  Rest: purple waterfall cardy - M&S, maroon tights, maroon, silk scarf.

The Shoes: Gerry Weber boots

The Doo: Severe, scraped back ponytail. Horrid.


  1. Cool boots, and great colours cheered me up anyway, :0)

  2. Thanks - back to normal today...