Friday, 28 March 2014

Day 24 | Back to Black

Still freezing in the S.W. - so I'm back in practical black - this time my trusty full length, ancient but wonderful 'is it a dress or is it a cardi'? It's well fancy too - from Harrods - Way In. I really have had this for ever. I remember at the time it was the most expensive item of clothing I had ever bought. Quality... turns out it really does pay to invest.

The Dress: Worn conventionally over yet more thermal vestage: I have a whole wardrobe of long sleeved vests! Layers are the key.

The Rest: Beautiful full length knitted cardigan. Harrods. Black thermal tights - M&S natch. Yellow and black silk scarf.

The Shoes: Screamingly high heeled black boots leather and elastic. They're way cooler than you can
see in the pic.

The Eyewear: Black and White Boots - as before.

The Doo: Bouffy. The purple has completely gone.


  1. Those boots rock luli......

  2. Love the boots and the cardigan :)