Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Day 7 | Sporty Spice

Good Morning! Super quick run-down today. I had thought I might try an outfit inspired by the gorgeous Afterglow Maverick Sabre, the standard poodle who won Crufts 2014 - however I can't find the huge furry faux, astrakan hat - integral to the ensemble.

I may celebrate Ricky (hyuck hyuck) later on in the project. For now here is a picture of the most elegant hound in town!

So having ditched the Poodle idea, I've gone for practical today. Tuesdays are TAZZMATTACK! day - me and iPodge work out with kettle bells and a lot of huffing and puffing twice a week. We were lucky enough to work with an amazing personal trainer who's innovative, fiendish workouts we still follow - even though she has abandoned us to pursue her dream to open an architect studio with her partner!

Our nickname for her is Tazzy - and so was born the TAZZMATTACK! - Twice a week you'll find us flinging kettle-bells about for 30 gruelling minutes of hardcore HIIT/resistance training. Use it or loose it mates...

So here's me with what is essentially my LBD - slung over my workout gear! Which will make it all the more
easy for me to dive into the session later. Sometimes low-maintenance is the way to roll.

Bend Ze Knees!
The Dress | worn to disguise the fact I'm basically slobbing about in my gym-gear all day!

The Rest | grey lycra 3/4 leggins with integral key pocket. Grey Vneck tee - ancient. Grey/orange, ruched hoody with thumbie holes (I heart thumbie holes) both by MPG.  Ridiculously expensive running socks  orange and white (to match trainers - natch) bought at the same time - with the intention of taking up running. NOTE: I do not run. EVER...

The Shoes | Orange/white (ahem) Mizuno trainers - bearing the legend Wave Inspire 4.

The Equipment | 8kg York Kettle Bell - I would go up to a 10 but the 8 is orange and it matches all my workout gear. So what's a girl to do?

*note I am also wearing a sports bra which matches the grey outter wear perfectly. Racer back - soft cup, medium hold. These days - the old lady norks need a smidge more support. Just telling it like it is.

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